We loved Soda Constructor by Maciej Matyka. This release is strictly for betatesting, please don't share it with other users. Use it as follows:
- Use your left mouse button to add springs and masses in build mode.
- Right mouse button moves mass or change spring type.
- Double click on the spring change it to muscle.
- Triple click sets 0 rest length on the spring.
- Use left panel to play with muscles \& simulation properties: g- gravity, f- friction, k- spring constant, s- frequency of muscles
- Copy and paste model: ctrl-c, ctrl-v.
- Undo: ctrl-z
- Use delete or 'd' key on keyboard to delete spring and masses
- Use g for gravity on/off
- You may paste the model to your favorite text editor and edit there (it is .xml text format).
- You may send your model to friends - just paste it to your email/sms/forum/twitter.
- If you like to load existing .xml model - select in the text editor and paste in the app.
- Feedback, ideas, models, bugs - all are welcome, contact: maciej.matyka@gmail.com
- We have the Betatesters FB group you may leave your feedback or models here if you prefer.

planned - linking to models in app via url address (maq)

- fixed gravity slider problem (mono)

- fixed mass import/export (mono)
- gx and gy available (mono)
- rotarylegs.xml and giantdainty.xml models added (mono)
- models load from xml files on the server now (maq)

- G/S sliders sensitivity corrected

- static + dynamic edit modes (maq)
- corrected the autoreverse mode - again - now sealife works OK (maq)

- back to static edit mode (maq)
- corrected the autoreverse mode (maq)
- corrected the sinus speed to be more smooth (maq)

v0.32b (2020-06-27)
- mono's models fixed + outline (mono)
- turning while hitting walls - fixed (maq)

v0.31b (2020-06-26)
- phase visualization corrections (mono)
- phase=0 corrected - sealife OK (mono)
- added sealife model (mono)
- drawing the line end corrected-sin (maq)

v0.3b (2020-06-25)
- Corrected the wrong wave dir reflection procedure (maq).
- fixed load/save of the enviromental properties (maq)
- added 5 new models (mono)
- more sensitivity on the left/sin panel (mono=>マツヒラ カキヒコ)
- Changed the edit mode to act like a slowed down simulation (maq)
- UNDO works in both ways now (UNDO-REDO-UNDO-REDO) (Erik)
- Use delete (or 'd') key on keyboard to delete spring and masses (Andrew)
- Use 'g' for gravity on/off (Andrew)

v0.2b (2020-05-27)
- masses slamming into walls fix (マツヒラ カキヒコ)
- left wall changing sine wave direction (マツヒラ カキヒコ)
- move clearall button to right (it is dangerous to click by accident) (Erik)
- mouse over a muscle is now visible in the left panel (Erik)
- (G)ravity is now more changing from low to high (Erik)
- (K) is now less reacting (Erik)
- (s) now allow for higher frequencies (Erik)
- Amplitude muscle contract and release stronger if black dot moved on left panel (Erik)
- UNDO button + ctrl-z(マツヒラ カキヒコ+Erik)

- ========== FEEDBACK QUEUE (todo? all I've got) ==============
- I can't easily tell which spring/muscle matches to the line on the 'wave engine' (Andrew)
- change the color (on both the model and line) to 'highlight' which one you are selecting or working with? (Andrew)
- highlight it with some other color, and make the circle a bit larger (and not snug against the point)? (Andrew)
- maybe allow the user to specify spring/muscle color (and perhaps that could show on the 'engine' lines too?). (Andrew)
- It'd be nice if there were some way to 'untangle' things, but I'm not sure what a good solution might be? (Andrew)
- It might also be interesting if color or something could denote what is a spring vs a muscle? Or at least something in the instructions that say what the symbol for 'spring' vs 'muscle' are (I think that a line is 'spring' and 'circle' is 'muscle'? And I am not sure what 'no symbol' means? (Andrew)
- Instead of drawing an indicator circle, change the color of what is being indicated to some other color, on both (main panel and left panel). (Andrew)
- Some way to change the 'atmosphere' density? (Andrew)
- What I am thinking about here is the possibility of '2 dimensional flying or swimming' - I hope that makes sense? (Andrew)
- Use icons for cut/copy/paste (maq)

- ========== DONE ==============
- What I wanted to do was be able to highlight (hover) with my mouse over the spring/muscle - and then hit the delete key on my keyboard - to delete it. (Andrew)
- I don't mean you have to remove the delete mode, but just allow the option (in build mode) to delete by 'hover-then-press-delete-key' (Andrew)
- Some way to set the gravity to zero? (Andrew)
- add "speed" of time update slider (maq)
- load with zero phase (reset) because now each time you load it is different (maq)