Example Program Picture Animation Description Paper
GLut glut.zip N/A N/A To run examples copy glut.dll/glut32.dll to program directory. N/A
Sand sand.zip (~227 kb)   N/A Two dimensional sand calculations based on cellular automates. Easy for configuration - you can add some sand by mouse clicking and configure boudnaries by mouse too. Your configurations can be saved, and loaded from disk. Program uses OpenGL and FOX (GUI) library. N/A
Plamy plamy.zip (~14 kb) N/A Easy example of atomata cellular which makes white/black spots. We start from any random state (space). N/A
Gas 1 gas.zip (~15 kb)   N/A Two dimensional ideal gas calculations based on cellular automata. No possibility to configure anything, but it is nice example of gas diffusion. When you run program try to press space to open some bouduaries. N/A
Gas 1   anim (~1.3mb) Two dimensional FHP 5 model used to show a diffusion of the gas trough small hole in a wall. We start with initial high density on the left hand side. This simulation has been made to show some advantages of triangular lattices over rectangular in HPP models. N/A