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Example Program Picture Animation Description Paper
Fluid v1.3 Demo fluidv132_install.exe   N/A All next examples are calculated with program Fluid v1.3 (linux version). N/A
Fluid N/A   csplash.mpg (~1.3 Mb) Splash of liquid drop. New method for fluid visualization - red color for horizontal velocity, green color for vertical, and blue for pressure. N/A
Fluid N/A   splash.mpg (~3.1 Mb) Splash of liquid drop. N/A
Fluid N/A   drop1.mpg (~670 Kb)
drop2.mpg (~1.8 Mb)
Formation of liquid drop. N/A
Fluid N/A   sluza.mpg (~2.7 Mb) Opening a damn. N/A
Fluid N/A   fontanna.mpg (~1.5 Mb) One small hole... N/A

Example Program Picture Animation Description Paper
Prandtl Meyer Expansion Wave Download SourceCode.zip   .avi (~2.4 Mb) Abstract from the report:

Prandtl Meyer expansion wave solution. This project work report provides a full solution of the governing Euler equations in strong conservation form for the Prandtl-Meyer expansion wave problem. The well known analytical solution to the problem of expansion wave is compared with a numerical solution. In that paper, I will provide a full solution with simple C code. In solution an explicit MacCormack's predictor-corrector finite difference method was used. Some new ideas for visualization of vector and scalar fields will be shown. All figures in that report will be shown in a physical grid instead of computational grid, where all calculations were made.
Report in PostScript .ps.zip (~600kb)

Available papers
"Incompressible Couette Problem", Maciej Matyka , University of Linkoping, CFD Project Report .ps .ps.zip