Hydro - Dynamica 1.0

"Hydro Dynamica" v1.0

HydroDynamica.zip (~650 kb)

is a program which solves two dimensional Navier-Stokes equations using SIMPLE scheme. It has been created for 5th Physics Software Contest on University of Wroclaw.

Results in mpeg-2 format:


The main goal was to give user an easy tool to solve some basic CFD problems as easy as possible. Special effort has been made to make whole program as clear as possible. This result also in weak possibilities to change parameters (as I said - the goal was to make it easy).

Main features:
    • Exact implementation of SIMPLE Algorithm
    • Allows to specify turbulent/no turbulent flow (Reynold number)
    • Easy to use click & calculate software
    • Totally FREE for educational purposes (Lectures/Seminars etc.)!

On a "Simulation CD" you will find:
    • "Hydro-Dynamica 1.0" program, compiled under Windows operating system. (.exe, ~1.4mb)
    • C++ Source Code, ready to compile under Windows operating system. (.cpp, ~438kb)
    • Code documentation created with Doxygen. (.html, ~785kb)
    • Animated Results of "Hydro-Dynamica" in an avi> format. (.avi, ~110mb)