Hydro - Dynamica 3d

"Hydro Dynamica 3d"

is a c/c++ code which solves three dimensional (3d) Navier-Stokes equations using SIMPLE scheme. It bases on a "Hydrodynamica 1.0" program which has been created for 5th Physics Software Contest on University of Wroclaw (and took 1st place).

Main features:
    • Exact implementation of SIMPLE Algorithm
    • Allows to specify turbulent/no turbulent flow (Reynold number)

On a "Simulation CD" you will find:
    • "Hydro-Dynamica 3d" program, compiled under Windows operating system. (.exe, ~0.9mb)
    • C++ Source Code, ready to compile under Windows and Linux operating system. (.cpp, ~48kb)
    • MatLab .m files, used for presented flow visualizations. (.cpp, ~6kb)