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Ray traced soft body N/A   (~7.6Mb)

Or see at: [youtube]
Together with Kamil Trojan (thanks Kamil!). Another example of jumping ball simulated with Pressure Soft Body model. This novel technique I am trying to force simply allows to simulate behavior of soft bodies which you can imagine as empty bodies with an gas inside.

More informations about this technique you can find on my web page [here] or [here]. If you will be clever and will really want this - you will find on this page a paper with complete explanation how to implement two dimensional model of soft bodies (even source code is included).

This example has been prepared especially for a lecture I gave for high school students. A monte carlo ray tracer used in this animation has been written by my friend Kamil Trojan .
Soft Bunny (Realtime) .zip(~0.46Mb)  

Play one of my real time soft body demos. Technique used described [here] or [here]. The bunny object done by Dzordan (thanks!). N/A