Source Code Information

Information about how to get source code of "Fluid" is available on a home page of the program. Email me if you are interested in that.


Fluid (You can also take a lok into home page of the program here)

"Fluid" is program which solve incompressible, viscous, free surface fluid flow. It use The Mac Method to solve Navier-Stokes equations on Euler 2D grid. Algorithm is able to support 3D geometries but it is not included in the program. See examples of Fluid computations. You can find there a lot of .mpeg files created with that version of "Fluid".


  • full differential implementation of navier-stokes incompressible equations on euler grid
  • free surface tension implemented
  • THE MAC METHOD(marker-and-cell) used to tracking particles and typing surface
  • poisson equation for pressure solved with relaxation method
  • complex boundary conditions which support slip, and no slip boundaries
  • algorithm easy possible to expand for 3d geometries
  • full user interface created with FOX library
  • easy structure of option files
  • a lot of physic properties easy to change
  • stability condition possibly to change from program level
  • output no several frames, but .avi file (windows version)

  • There is possibility to recompile code for Linux operating systems, if there is any necessary for that. Just email me if you are interested in that.


    It is free for educational/fun use. If you are interested in developming that method, use it, write about it or do something with it contact me. On the right side of that page information about Source Code of that program is available.