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My book (Kombinacje C++, in preparation)

"Kombinacje C++", Maciej Matyka, Helion (polish), [192 pages]

programming in C++

Boook release date: 2023.
My book (Simulations in Physics, second edition 2020)

"Computer Simulations in Physics, edition 2", Maciej Matyka
Helion (polish), [368 pages]

numerical methods, spring mass systems, soft bodies, cloth dynamics, wave equation, fluids, Marker-and-cell mehtod, Lattice Boltzmann model and real-time quantum physics.

Codes in C++/HTML5 are now freely available.

Boook release date December 2020.

My Playground
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Soda constructor remake
Soda remake - including genetic algorithm
FlowJS - calculate tortuosity in the web app
Newton Circle - turn disc to see various effects and animations
Particle simulator - play with various materials in the web
Tortuosity - scientific poster as an web app
Packings - packings figures in the box
Physics Sandbox - funny app with many simulations (game like)
Waves - 3D waves in the web browser (interactive)
Beautiful Equations - puzzles for 3-99 years old kids
Sudoku for kids - just simple sudoku with nice graphics
Diffusion - simple diffusion model as a web app
Felp - my selection of games and apps for kids

Simulations in Physics Sources
GPU fluids with Compute Shaders []
Simple Newton Dynamics
Particle Dynamics Engine
Pressure Soft Body Model []
Granular Matter
The Lattice Boltzmann Model [bgk]
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Waves equation []
Cellular automata
SIMPLE, SIMPLER, Vorticity - Stream Fluid Solvers []
Free surface flow using The MAC Method []
My MSc Thesis
Quantum Mechanics
Rigid Cloth Behaviour
Misc Techniques (Computer Graphics)

My version(s) of "Soda Constructor" app
    1998 ---> 2020   

Do you remember Soda Constructor? So I do and because it was not available online anymore I've decided to.. port what I remember from the original Soda Constructor to the new world of html JS apps. What I found the most frustrating was to find a proper name for it. Also, I was not sure what direction to take, I did many versions, spent many hours on going back and forth adding and cutting down the app to it's basic versions. I even found a few models on the internet and wrote simple importer... which worked. There were two users (cheers!) who wrote to me and gave some feedback.. The point I am in now is that I have 3 or 4 versions available online, all with different names, I even wrote part of a chapter to my simulations book (2nd edition) where I describe how to write such simulation which generated another instance of the app. I wrote blog post which became quite popular and people find the app.. So.. If you find some time to test all the versions, want to discover it again, give me some feedback, point me out which version is the best / the most useless, give me some directions, comments, ideas how to make it / remake it so that 5th version will be really useful and enjoyable, please find yourself welcome to test the following versions:

version 1 (simple app)

version 2 (most advanced, xml import, sound, etc.)

version 3 (full screen)

version 4 (small screen, tiny app with all options, codename: san jose)

version 5 - the first version available online

You may find links and updates in website or in my blog (2019).

Collection of physics games and apps (free!)
Some time ago I gave two lectures about physics and computer science in my kids school (2018-02). The lecture covered simple physics experiments plus some software show and self playing. The kids were very OK with it and - because this is hard for them to type and find internet adresses of those many scattered web toy I made simple linking website, named it and published. Enjoy! I would say these apps are for children at age 2-102. Keep in mind, not all the apps here are mine - some of them I wrote by myself but to some of them I simply link there Anyway, I will be happy to get some feedback on that and ideas what more to include here!

Blog Feed
IFS Life my first IFS fractal attempts [ article ]
2D Water algorithm for simple water ripples [ article ]
Circls and quads packing objects into nicely looking 2d pictures [ article]
SanJose - the famous Soda Constructor was revisited [ article ]

My Shaders

Real-time fluid dynamics
"Real-time fluid dynamics" given at NVScene in San Jose, 24-27 March 2014 live (youtube)

Online Source Codes and Code Documentation
Proste symulacje (polish!) [pdf]
Intra 4k: sphere tracing (polish!, code included) [zip][pdf]

How to Implement Pressure Soft Body Model (report: [html], [pdf-1], article: [pdf-2], source code [zip] anim ([youtube-1] , [youtube-2].

GPGPU Programming on example of CUDA (talk), [click here] [pdf] [zip] [zip] [source-balls-zip] [anim 1] [anim 2]

About The Page
About Me ( + my CV [pdf] )
YouTube Channel  
My Simulations Blog
FaceBook FanPage

My Physics Software
[zip] Soft Body 3.0. GLUT application for Soft Body model based on SIGRAD's publication. Source code available on request.
Hydro-Dynamica 3d - Fluid Tunnel Flow Solver in 3d
Hydro-Dynamica - Fluid Tunnel Flow Solver
Fluid - Incompressible  Navier-Stokes  Fluid Solver
Waves - Two dimensional Wave equation solution
Soft Body 2.0 - Three dimensional Soft Bodies behavior

Twisted by Floppy (maq, x-ceed, azzaro, dzordan, def)
"Cona" by Floppy (5th at Riverwash 2014) [-> pouet]   youtube
"Kiten" by Floppy (2nd at WeCan 2013) [-> pouet]   youtube
"Syke" by Floppy 4k [-> pouet]   youtube
"X3" by flopi [-> pouet]  youtube
"Pord Tuo" by Floppy (maq, traymuss, rorque, azzaro) [->]
"akiko" by flopi[->]
"Panta Rhei" by Floppy [->]
"Bremen" by Floppy [screenshots]   [->]
"Crush" by Anadune & Floppy [screenshots]  [->]
"DreamEquation 2" by Floppy [screenshots]   [->]
"DreamEquation" by Floppy [screenshots]   [->]
"Captured Dream Team" by Floppy & Plastic [screenshots]   [->]
Tune in - turn on - drop out by Floppy
Elthiag by Floppy
Flying Minds by Floppy (64k)
True dreams (4k) by Floppy
Fee (4k Floppy and MadWizards)
Eraser Head (64k) by Floppy
Eniac (4k) by Floppy
Euphoria by Picco
Profanation by Genetic (Astrosyn2?)
(64k) by Cranks

PhD Thesis (2008)
Maciej Matyka, Numerical analysis of the flow through porous media
(in polish) [pdf](~3.6mb) [avi](~25.0mb)

supervisor: Zbigniew Koza

MSc Thesis (2005)
Maciej Matyka, Investigation of free surface flow phenomena using Marker-and-Cell Method (in polish) [pdf](~3.6mb) [youtube][anim] ,

supervisor: Janusz Szwabinski

Zbigniew Koza, Maciej Matyka and Arzhang Khalili,
Finite-size anisotropy in statistically uniform porous media
Phys. Rev. E 79, 066306 (2009) [pdf]
Maciej Matyka, Arzhang Khalili and Zbigniew Koza,
Tortuosity-porosity relation in the porous media flow,
Phys. Rev. E 78, 026306 (2008) [pdf]
Maciej Matyka and Zbigniew Koza,
Spreading of a density front in the KŁntz-Lavallťe model of porous media
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 40, 4078-4083 (2007) [pdf]

Computer Graphics Papers & Talks
Matyka, M. and Ollila, M. "A pressure model for soft body simulation", Proc. of Sigrad, UMEA, November 2003 [pdf]  [MORE]
Matyka, M. "The Pressure Soft Body a Simple Model of Complex Behavior", 12th International Conference on Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning, Wroclaw, September 2007 [pdf] (poster)

My Books (& books contributions)

"Computer Simulations in Physics"
Author: Maciej Matyka
Publisher: Helion, November 2002

(language: polish)

There you can download example chapter from the book [pdf]

"Inverse Dynamic Displacement Constraints in Real-Time Cloth and Soft-Body Models"
Author: Maciej Matyka

in the "Graphics Programming Methods", Editor: Jeff Lander
Publisher: Charles River, June 2003

(language: english)

There you can download table of contents out from the book [pdf]

Maciej Matyka, "Practical Animation of Soft-Bodies for Game Development: The Pressurized Soft-Body Model"

in book:
Kim Pallister, Mark DeLoura, "Game Programming Gems 5", Charles River, March 2005

(language: english)

There you can download table of contents out from the book [pdf]

Other Reports available OnLine
"Incompressible Couette Problem", Maciej Matyka , University of Linkoping, CFD Project Report #1, 15.II.2003 [pdf]
"Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Wave", Maciej Matyka , University of Linkoping, CFD Project Report #2, 23.III.2003 [pdf]
"Solution to two-dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with SIMPLE, SIMPLER and Vorticity-Stream Function Approaches. Driven-Lid Cavity Problem: Solution and Visualization.", Maciej Matyka , University of Linkoping, CFD Project Report #3, 30.VI.2004 [pdf]

Old stuff
My old 'Fluid' Solver v1.3 home page

Ron Fedkiw (fluids, cloth)
Craig Reynolds (boids)
Karl Sims (Evolving Creatures)
Demetri Terzopoulos (CG, Artificial Life)
David Baraff (Rigid Body)
John Lasseter (Luxo Lamp)
Michael Kass (SpaceTime Constraints)
Andrew Witkin (Cloth, Luxo)
Matthias M√ľller (PBD)
Thomas Jakobsen (Verlet)
[email me...]
My work on YT
The Splash of Liquid Drop
Tunnel SIMPLE flow
Quantum Gaussian Wave
Deformable Ball
Fluid Flow Jet
Sand clock
Granular Matter CUDA
Polish Flag
Pressurized Soft Body
Deformable Balls
FCC Lattice
Shroedinger Packets
Tree with roots
Cylinder Flow
Broken Dam simulation
Soft Raytraced Ball
Physics Sandbox
Driven Cavity
Peppa Pig Soft Balls
Formation of Fluid Droplet
Granular Matter

HTML5: My Physics Toy(Android version here)