10$ only for full source code

Full Source Code (c/c++) of "Fluid" AVAILABLE!
Here you have three packages that contains source of Fluid:
  • FluidWin_1.3.zip size 348 kb
    fluid windows executable program.
  • FldSrcLinux.zip size 45 kb
    c source code of Fluid 1.0 easy to compile everywhere, cleaned ansi c source code, full implementation.
  • FldSrcWin.zip size 167 kb
    c/c++ VisualC++ source code implementation for windows, version 1.3.
Full package for:

20 $ (US).

Wanna buy it? send 10$ by post order to my home adress:

when i will get money from you you will get (by email) full source code from me.

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