20$ only for full source code

Source Code properties:

  • full differential implementation of navier-stokes incompressible equations on euler grid
  • THE MAC (marker-and-cell) method used for track particles
  • free surface tension
  • poisson equation for pressure solved with relaxation method

  • Technical info about Linux version

  • pure ansi c programming
  • very easy to compile on every system (linux,win,mac-os,irix etc.)
  • full english commented source
  • saving frames as .ppm files to standard output

  • Technical info about Windows version

  • c++ programing including c procedures from linux version
  • written with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 ®
  • Graphics User Interface written with FOX package (see www.cfdrc.com)
  • can be compiled also under Linux or other systems supported by FOX
  • output view uses opengl with in FOX window
  • output full animation in AVI format (using Video For Windows)